Defense Logistics System
LogiQuest® Defense Logistics System
Defense Logistics Agency
 CAGE - Commercial And Government Entity
 CCR - Central Contractor Registry
 DODAAF - Department of Defense Activity Address File
 DRAWINGS - Technical Documentation – Downloadable as PDFs
 EPLS - Excluded Parties List Service
 FLIS - Federal Logistics Information System – Includes Historical NIINs
 MILSPECS - Military Specifications and Standards
 PID - Procurement Item Description
 QPD - Qualified Products Database
 SUPPTECH - Supplemental Technical Information
Procurement & Contracting
 AWARDS - Awards Information
 BIZOPPS - Government Business Opportunities
 FPDS - Federal Procurement Data System
 PROCUREMENT - Procurement History
 PROJECTIONS - Projected Purchase Requirements
Air Force
 D043 - Air Force I & S Report
 D049 - Air Force End Items List
 D200F - Air Force Indentures
 MSD - Materiel Support Division
 SNUD - Stock Number User Directory
 USAFTO - USAF Technical Orders
 AMDF - Army Master Data File
 PAM25_30 - Army Tech Manuals
 SB700 - Reportable Items Selected for Authorization
 SL6 - Marine Corps Stock List (1 & 2)
 AEL - Allowance Equipage List
 APL - Allowance Parts List
 CHAIN - Consolidated History of Alternate Item Numbers
 CRF - NICP Cross Reference File
 GIDEP_DP - GIDEP Discontinued Parts
 LIRSH - List of Items Requiring Special Handling
 MRIL - Master Repairable Item List
 NICN - Navy Item Control Number to NIIN
 NMDF - Navy Master Data File
 P2003 - Navy Publications Index
 P2300 - Aviation Repairable Items
 SPMIG - Standard PMS Materials Identification Guide
 WUC - Work Unit Codes
 WUC_HIST - Historical Work Unit Code
Directives & Issuances
 DOD_ISS - DoD Issuances
 NAVY_ISS - Navy Issuances
Civilian / Commercial
 ILS_INV - ILS Aviation Parts Availability
 ILS_INVM - ILS Marine Parts Availability
 ILS_MRO - ILS Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Providers
 PMA - Parts Manufacturer Authority
 WEB - Logistics Web
Reference Data
 FSC - Federal Supply Class
 H3 – Ammunition Codes
 H6 - Federal Item Name Directory
 MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets
 PSC - Product / Service Code
 Schedule B - Export Commodity Classification System
 WPS - Weapons Systems
>Legacy Data
 GDAEL 2010 - GD Allowance Equipage List
 GDAPL 2010 - GD Allowance Parts List
 P2002 - Navy Stock List of Publications and Forms Index
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